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$PLWY Energy For Life Peoplesway.Com Inc

A rich legacy; a broad vision for the future.

Peoplesway is a publicly traded corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has a rich family heritage in direct sales, dating back 35 years when they began marketing the finest quality skincare through multilevel marketing. The company helped to create several millionaires and it surpassed $500 million in worldwide sales before its founders retired a decade ago.

Today, Peoplesway is building on its strong heritage - even selling one of the original products from that skincare line. Led by a management team with more than 100 years of combined experience, the company has a new focus and a broad vision for the future. Peoplesway has set its sights on becoming a leader in the wellness revolution, helping people to achieve financial independence and an unprecedented level of health and vitality.

A company that believes in hope, possibilities and the unlimited power of you.

At Peoplesway, we believe that life is what you make it. We believe that no matter where you come from or what age you are, it's never too soon…or too late to live your dream - no matter what that may be.

We believe in the fundamental good within each of us and in the power of the human spirit. We believe in surrounding ourselves with people committed to helping others live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

People are what inspire and motivate us. People are the reason we exist. You're the reason we work extra hard to deliver the highest quality products. You're the reason we strive to deliver superior service. And you're why we offer an unmatched pay program. We do all this because you deserve it. At Peoplesway, we believe in you.

Our Mission
By sharing our opportunity and products with everyone we encounter, we will build bodies, lives and dreams.

Our Values
Peoplesway believes in a set of values that drives everything we do.
Families First, The Golden Rule, Ethics, Integrity, Respect, Giving Back


Our Products
Today we can take control of how we look and feel. Not through medications or expensive doctor visits, but by taking better care of ourselves. That's why more and more people are eating better and exercising. But sometimes that's still not enough. Sometimes we need a little extra boost to help our healthy habits add up to a much bigger return.
That's why Peoplesway developed a line of wellness products that includes weight management, supplements, pain relief, skincare and bio-identical hormone replacements. The products are safe and effective - backed by scientifically-proven formulas. And thousands of customers are experiencing real results including:
Softer, smoother, younger looking skin
Increased metabolism and fat burning
Healthier blood and immune systems
Better hormonal health
Joint and pain relief
And more.

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